ICCCR Torun, Polen

03/08/2022 - 07/08/2022
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ICCCR 2020 Polen

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After consulting the Mayor of the City of Torun Michal Zaleski and the President of the ACI Stefan Joest, in the interests of the safety and health of ICCCR Torun 2020 participants and residents of Torun in connection with the coronavirus epidemic, we decided to postpone the date of conducting the 17th International Citroen Car Club Rally Torun 2020 on 3-7.08.2022 We are convinced that our decision will meet with the understanding of all Citroen lovers, and the ICCCR 2022 Rally will be a great celebration of the Citroen brand.
Rally Director
Czeslaw Nosewicz
Vice President of the Automobile Club of Torun

All tickets are valid for 2022, but if you are not sure whether you come over, of course you will get refound when you send request till 30/06/2020, just let us know.

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